About Us

US Med Supplies LLC, Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA), is a global Pharmaceutical and Medical supplies distributor operating throughout North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Our loyal customers range from Governmental & Private Hospitals, National Health Ministries, & Wholesale Companies.

Our attention to quality is apparent in our products and services

Our leading-edge facilities work in complete adherence to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and guidelines. We use these industry benchmarks as our roadmap to delivering products with complete reliability to our customers and end-users. We deliver these products through the use of accurate fulfillment, distribution and tracking technology that guarantees our customers get their products when and where they need them.

Providing superior products and services to our clients is a matter of understanding the integral role they play in delivering Health Care. From this understanding, we forge meaningful customer relationships to provide an unmatched level of service.

Our products improve lives around the world

US Med Supplies was founded on the principle that providing cost-effective and readily available medicine to Health Care providers can improve the lives of people around the world. This premise leads us to achieve the following:

-       Integrity in all business endeavors

-       Respect for diversity in our organization and in our world

-       Effective teamwork that benefits everyone we come in contact with

-       Superior customer service

-       A dynamic and accurate global supply chain

-       The highest possible quality in every product we offer

-       Competitive market pricing

We meet the needs of a rapidly-changing marketplace

In today’s rapidly  changing health care industry, it is no longer acceptable to simply offer products and expect your company to succeed. Our Team of experts act as a knowledge base that helps our customers solve problems and determine the best products for optimal results.

We sell Pharmaceutical and  Medical  supplies, but our focus is on people

US Med Supplies understands that people rely on us for medications, supplies and other products that don’t just make a difference in their lives – these are things that SAVE their lives on a daily basis. Our customers turn to us when they need a streamlined supplier who can deliver products that make life livable on a daily basis for patients every where. We meet these daily challenges because we understand what’s at stake:  Life. 

We carry a complete line of Pharmaceutical products, including:

-       Prescription drugs, including controlled drugs (narcotics)

-       Brand name and generic tablets, capsules, solutions, ointments and injectables

-       Durable and disposable medical and surgical supplies



At US Med Supply, everything we do is based on the principle of helping people achieve their fundamental and universal right: Proper health care.

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